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Australia Cup: R4 Match Report

An intense action-packed Australia Cup match at Penshurst Park unfolds, as Randwick City FC go against St George City FC NPL 1 team winning a hisorical battle 4-2.

The game starts with a bang as St George score from a corner just 12 minutes in (0-1). The boys quickly regroup, not allowing an early goal to impact their confidence and belief. They know there would be moments of sacrifice which sees them looking even more fierce than when they take the pitch. Shortly after, Louis Keane wreaks havoc, nicking the ball from their last defender outside the 18-yard box and through 1v1 on goal. The bench is jumping to their feet as he gets the shot off only for the keeper to make a diving save. As Keane releases the shot, he's dragged to the ground and the whisle blows for a penalty. A red card is given at the 16th minute, leaving St George with 10 men on the field. Keane tucks the penalty away coolly and tidily! (1-1). Randwick seize the opportunity and take control of the game, pressuring their opponents with swift attacks and creating chances.

The Ultra's are on the edge of their seats as both teams fight, both determined to come out on top. The game is a true David vs Goliath event, with Randwick facing a formidable opponent in St George, who are expected to win.

But the Randwick boys refuse to back down, playing with heart and determination. The match is dynamic and breathtaking, with both teams putting on a thrilling show for the fans.
Randwick's second goal comes from a brilliant team effort, with the ball passing through several players before AJ hammers it into the top shelf 32" (2-1). The Ultra's section and players bench is showing pure elation and a sense of holy shit all at the same time! The boys latch onto the energy and maintain it, causing issues for St George. Another counter attack down the wing sees AJ O'Connor firing a ball into the box for Aaron Murphy who calmly hits it on the laces and into the back of the net 34" (3-1).

The half-time whistle goes and the boys head in with an electric supporters section cheering them on. The gaffer takes a moment to consult with the coaching staff before giving words of encouragement and reiterating the game plan.

St George refuse to give up and make a strategic change in formation and a few quality subs. The quality shows as they manage to send a 40 yard zinger to their winger who moves side to side quicker than one can blink. This see's St George score another goal at the 50" mark to get one back (3-2).

This sets up a tense finish to the game but Randwick hold their nerve. Everyone in the stadium is anxiously looking at the clock every 2 minutes. Time is standing still as the Randwick boys show courage and belief and work tirelessly for one another. We see O'Conner winding up for a shot when he is tackled at the same time and manages to crack his foot on the studs of a St George's player and he goes down with an injury at the 63rd minute. Will Elsey rises to the challenge and puts in a great shift in the middle of the park. All the grit and determination pays off when there was a bobbling ball played around St George's 18-yard box which Keane quickly snaps up in front of 3 defenders, he manages to distribute a beautiful through ball to Murphy who gets a great first touch out of his feet and sends a lazer toward the keeper - it's in!!!! 75" (4-2).

With 15 minutes left, the coaching staff is trying not to show their nerve, knowing what St George is capable of as they try to isolate us in attack. We see the legs going in a few boys and a critical change is made at left back which see's Matthew Chambers replace Fionn Hurley with two important instructions - 1) close down the winger and 2) close out the game! At this point, the clock moves even slower than before, seeming like an eternity waiting for the match to end as everyone is looking at the match, then the clock, back to the match, back to the clock....finally the final whistle blows and euphoria sets in for Randwick.

It was a game that will be remembered by the fans for a long time to come, as Randwick showed one of their greatest performances ever seen and emerge as the victors in a truly epic encounter. We thank St George City FC for the match and look forward to the 5th round.

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